Accredited Online School for Middle and High School Students

Choose a school that offers control, transparency, and flexibility when it comes to your student’s education.

Frustrated With Your Local School?

It can be frustrating to not have visibility into your current school’s curriculum and your student’s performance at school. The lack of control over what your child is studying only adds to this frustration. At Holston Academy, we prioritize flexibility and choice, empowering you and your child to take control of their educational journey.


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Why Choose Holston Academy?



Manage what your student is exposed to in the classroom. We offer over 300 courses to choose from, so it’s your choice if your child wants to take electives to prepare for their career, avoid certain courses, or load up on advanced classes.



We offer full visibility into your student’s performance as well as our curriculum. You’ll always know exactly what is going on in your student’s academic life. 



Holston Academy is designed to provide a fully personalized school experience for your student, meeting their academic needs, whether they are trying to get ahead or catch up.

Interested in Learning More About Holston Academy?

Homeschooling Vs. Online School

Considering whether to homeschool or enroll your student in online school? Online school has all the benefits of homeschooling, like flexibility, choice, and control, with the added benefits of academic support, AP® classes, and an accredited education.


Unmatched Teacher and Academic Coach Support

We encourage our students to be independent learners, but our educators are always there to guide, mentor, and provide students with support.


A Robust Course Catalog

Holston Academy offers a wide-ranging catalog of 300+ online courses, including college prep, Honors, AP®, electives, world languages, and many more.



Enrolling your child in an accredited school like Holston Academy ensures they receive a stellar education that is universally accepted by colleges.

About Holston Academy

Holston Academy believes in a student-centered approach to education that provides each student with the support, flexibility, and tools needed to be successful in their education. This involves tailoring educational experiences to align with each student’s academic needs and interests, and empowering students to take ownership of their education, fostering a more engaging and effective learning process.

Our Curriculum

We offer more than 300 online courses in our course catalog including middle school, college prep, honors, Advanced Placement® (AP), and Dual Enrollment. Parents and students can choose the courses they feel will provide the best academic experience for the student’s needs and interests. 

Tuition and Enrollment

Students can enroll part-time during the school year or summer months to supplement their other schooling, or enroll full-time to take advantage of additional offerings such as Academic Coach support, and receive an accredited diploma from Holston Academy. 
Tuition varies depending on part-time or full-time enrollment, and tiers of support desired for your student. 

Want More Control Over Your Student’s Education?